Intro to Resin Casting by instructor Marvin Touré

ALMA|LEWIS 6901 Lynn Way, Suite 206, Pittsburgh, PA

This in-person resin workshop will provide participants with a two-hour introductory course on resin casting. Learn the foundations of safety, mold making, and resin usage. We will discuss each student's individual goals for participating — tailoring methods towards future efforts beyond the course. Participants will receive basic knowledge of one-part mold making and casting techniques upon […]


IG Live: Artists In-Conversation with Tunde Wey & Marvin Touré

Online Event

Join Artist-in-Residence Tunde Wey and Inaugural Artist-in-Residence Marvin Touré for an Instagram Live Artists In-Conversation session. This event will be livestreamed on our Instagram account: @alma_lewis_pgh Tunde Wey is a Nigerian immigrant artist, chef, and writer working at the intersection of food and social politics. His work engages systems of exploitative power, particularly race, immigration, […]

Bread and The Contours of Capitalism

Online Event

In partnership with The Africa Center and Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD), join Tunde Wey and Uzodinma Iweala for a virtual discussion about the impact of geopolitics and racial capitalism on food production and consumption on the African continent. Using food as an entry point, this conversation will explore the contours of capitalism and trade […]